Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2002 Twenty Hits

Spare Tire - Twenty Hits
01-Talking With The King
02-Capo Song
03-Plastic Flowers
04-Calling Out To You
05-Soldier Boy
06-Corn Liquor
08-Hey Whats The Matter
10-I Go Crazy
11-Forbidden Fruit
12-Bare Hands
13-Peter Buck
14-Route 66
15-Red House
16-Messing With The Kid
17-Love Potion Number 9
18-Hog For You
19-23 Hours

2002 Flat Records

1999 Hell Drivers

Spare Tire - Hell Drivers
01-Work Song
02-Chris's Fantasy Weekend
03-Mr Buck
04-One Of These Days
05-One More Day
06-Nothing In Return
07-Just Have Fun
09-Shine Box
10-Purple Mind

1999 Siren Electric Records

1997 Masters Of The Road

Masters Of The Road Volume 1
Side A
1-01 The Famous Spare Tire intro
1-02 Cover Of Night - Fat Sue's Detroit MI
1-03 Spoonful - Fat Sue's Detroit MI
1-04 Sheboygan intro
1-05 Mr Buck - Club Wayout Cheswald DE
1-06 Double Yellow Line - The Hi Five Tuscon AZ
1-07 Capo Song - Bonus Early Demo
1-08 Sundown - Fritz's Dragstrip Atco NJ
1-09 Bare Hands - The Sitting Room Los Angeles CA
1-10 Forbidden Fruit - Bonus Early Demo
1-11 Nothing In Return - Le' Oil Slick Austin TX
1-12 Girls intro
1-13 I Go Crazy - The Landmine Cafe Dayton OH
1-14 Sandwich(spoken)
1-15 The Great Airplane Strike - Bonus Demo
1-16 Band Intro 1
1-17 Band Intro 2
1-18 Band Intro 3
1-19 Band Intro 4
1-20 Band Intro 5

Side B
2-01 WTSR "Spaghetti In A Box interview
2-02 Plastic Flowers - Bonus Early Demo

2-03 Where We At ?
2-04 Band Intro
2-05 Fred+Allison Funk Mix - Pontiac Grille Phila PA
2-06 Love Boat SCT "Nothing Really" Appearance
2-07 Run Run Run - Garage Party at Chris Nickey's Mom's Langhorne PA
2-08 Dog Or Lottery Ticket ? Garage Party Langhorne PA
2-09 SCT "Nothing Really" interview
2-10 Spider "Lounge" Man - Luna Lounge Toronto Ontario

2-11 Thanksgiving
2-12 One Of These Days - The Sand Bar Shipbottom NJ

2-13 Perfume
2-14 Lucifer Sam - Twin City Lounge Minneapolis MN
2-15 ...introducing The Spare Tire Dancers
2-16 Jockey Full OF Bourbon - Chesters' Beer & Brat Milwaukee WI

2-17 Mailing List
2-18 Big Party At Ray's House

1997 Teil Martin International

1993 Capo Song Single

Spare Tire Capo Song b/w Plastic Flowers
Side A : Capo Song
Side B : Plastic Flowers

Chris Nickey - vocals, guitar
Scott Matlack - guitar, bass
Tom Szwech - bass,vocals, guitar
Brett Neilsen - drums, percussion

Recorded at : Snugfit Studios Richboro ,PA
Produced by : Spare Tire and John Lovrich
Engineered by : John Lovrich
Cover Photo : Dan Grizminski
Photo Enhancement : Tom Szwech
Record Photo Matt Sigal
Layout Design Brett Neilsen ,Chris Nickey

1993 Flat Records

1989 Spare Tire

Side A
Calling Out To You
I Go Crazy
Night Of The Sadist
Smokestack Lightning
St James Infirmary
Here She Comes Now

Side B
Strobe Lights and Alcohol

Spare Tire
Chris Nickey - guitar,vocals
Scott Matlack- guitar vocals
Tom Szwech - bass
Brett Neilson - drums

Additional musicians
Doug Szwech - all drums side A
Mark Beck - guitar backing vocals
Chuck Hoegel - second bass
on Lovelight,Smokestack Lightning & St James Infirmary

1989 Flat Records